Mobicents Diameter 1.4.0.FINAL Released!

Monday, June 4, 2012 em 17:47
The Mobicents Diameter 1.4.0.FINAL has been released today (announcement), and it represents the last mile in a long enhancement, refactoring and improvement journey. A lot of features have been added along the way:
  • Improved Cluster Support with fine-grained data per Diameter Application;
  • Support for more 3GPP Applications (Gq', Rx, Gx, S6a) and improved/updated existing;
  • Support for Diameter RELAY / PROXY / REDIRECT Agents;
  • Performance improvement of over 9 times (now handling up to 9000 requests/second in Dev Machine, C2D @ 3.06GHz / 4GB RAM, no special setup);
  • Added several configuration parameters to optimize for different scenarios (regular usage vs high load vs small footprint, etc);
  • 100+ miscellaneous fixes to improve overall compliance and stability of the Mobicents Diameter Stack and it's JAIN SLEE Resource Adaptors;
  • Also important, Mobicents (including Diameter) license has changed from GPL to LGPL, which is generally good news for the users!
Still, there's a lot of work and improvements to be done for the upcoming 1.4.x series. To name a few:
  • Support for TLS security in Mobicents Diameter Stack (existing in 1.4.0.FINAL as experimental);
  • Support for  SCTP transport in Mobicents Diameter Stack (initial patch already contributed);
  • Support pluggable Load Balancing algorithms for Mobicents Diameter Stack; Integrate with Mobicents Load Balancer;
  • Create integration/real-world examples, eg, integrate with Mobicents JAIN SLEE B2BUA, continue work on Mobicents HSS and integrate it with Mobicents SIP Presence;
  • Improve documentation for developers using Mobicents Diameter Stack;
As you can see, there's a lot that has been improved but there's also a lot more to improve on, with our ambition aiming higher. Feel free to help us with your feedback and contributions to a better Mobicents Diameter!