Mobicents Diameter 1.1.2.GA: Introducing Diameter Jopr Plugin

Friday, February 26, 2010 em 11:49
We've just released a new spin for Mobicents Diameter, v1.1.2.GA.

It happened on 21st of February and along with the usual bug fixing and improvements, there's a great addition to the suite: The Mobicents Diameter Jopr Plugin.

Jopr is an enterprise management solution which provides administration, monitoring, alerting, operational control and configuration in an enterprise setting with fine-grained security and an advanced extension model.

The Mobicents Diameter Jopr Plugin provides the following functionalities:

  • Stack configuration and management
    • Provides means of changing stack parameters, such as various timeout values, duplicate protection, accept undefined peers, thread pools size, etc.;
    • Start/Stop stack, Enable/Disable validation
  • Local peer configuration and statistics
    • Allows change of local peer IP Address and URI, Realm name, supported Application-Ids, etc.;
    • Real time statistics regarding memory usage
  • Network Peers management and statistics
    • Provides ability to add and remove Network Peers;
    • Statistics regarding requests/answer sent and/or received (total and per minute), Average time for message processing, Number of messages waiting on queue, number of messages failed to send/receive, etc.
  • Realms configuration and management
    • Allow runtime realm configuration, ie, change realm name, Peers list, Application Ids, etc.;
    • Add and remove Realms

All these functionalities plus the added value by Jopr, which provides availability for each component (Stack, Local Peer, Network Peers and Realms), alert configuration, intuitive graphs and some more cool and intuitive features makes this a great companion for the Diameter suite!

Regarding installation and configuration of Jopr and the plugin, while we are working at the documentation for it, you can follow JAIN SLEE Jopr Plugin User Guide (Installing Jopr and Mobicents JAIN SLEE Plugin chapter) since it's the exact same procedure.

Here are some screenshots of the plugin in action: