Mobicents Diameter v1.1.0.GA Released!

Sunday, October 18, 2009 em 01:25
It was on Friday, 16th October 2009 that a shiny new release of Mobicents Diameter happened.

It's v1.1.0.GA and along with the usual enhancements and bug fixes, the main new features are:
  • JBoss AS 5 support
  • Stack configuration at runtime, via JMX
  • Educative Example for Cx/Dx application
  • Preview of the Mobicents Diameter User Guide
It can be downloaded from here: Mobicents Diameter v1.1.0.GA Downloads

Please note that the JBoss 5 version zip contains only the Stack and the Multiplexer, no JAIN SLEE Resource Adaptors or Examples are included. If you want to try the new Mobicents JAIN SLEE 2.x version (which runs on JBoss 5) and it's Diameter Resource Adaptors and Examples, you'll need to build them from source, which can be found in the SVN trunk.

Summing it up, you now get a more stable Diameter in 2 flavors (JBoss 4 & JBoss 5), the ability to configure the stack in realtime (add/remove realms, add/remove peers, manage timeouts, etc...), a new example of how to play with Cx/Dx (which will be the basis for the HSS prototype) plus the user guide to help you play with all of it!

A special thanks to Jared Morgan and Tom Wells for the extra effort on the documentation!