Mobicents Team Meeting 2010 @ Antalya, Turkey

Saturday, October 16, 2010 em 00:28

Yes, this paradisal venue (Alva Donna Resort & SPA at Belek, Antalya, Turkey) was where the 2010 Mobicents Face-to-Face Meeting was held, 24th - 30th September. Thanks to Eduardo Martins for arranging the trip, it was the best _ever_ for several reasons: It was the first time we managed to gather all the team together, ranging from a couple of hours travelling to some doing it in a day and half! But I'm sure it worth every minute!

Also, this was the first (and certainly not the last!) time we had customers and community users joining our technical meetings and providing the most valuable feedback for our products and their roadmap. It's a whole new perspective and for that, we can only say: Thank You!

It was also the one we had more entertainment available, from the first day rafting to the resort's nightly shows, several swimming pools, sliders, jetski, bowling, etc etc. It sure was a lot of fun!

But we had to work too (a lot :-)) between all this fun. We had presentations for the main Mobicents projects, mostly regarding the past, present and future of each project, ie, what we achieved in the last year, the current status of each project in terms of stability, performance and features and the plans for the upcoming year. Also we had some project-wide presentations, such as clustering which affects most of the projects.

For my main project, Mobicents Diameter, we had a crash course to give a quick introduction to what it is all about and it's role in the telco world (something to be explored here too, promised!) presented by Bartosz Baranowski and after, I did the presentation regarding the achievements and roadmap. In sum, this was a great year for Mobicents Diameter:

  • 8 Releases, 3 of them being major ones, with important features introduced (JBoss 5 support; JAIN SLEE 1.1 Resource Adaptors; High-Availability/Fault-Tolerant Stack and Resource Adaptors)
  • Management Console based on RHQ
  • 400% Performance improvement ( > 800 requests/second )
  • Complete User Guide Documentation
  • .. and some more!
We had quite a good set of achievements, I would say! But we have a lot more to achieve in the future. We are focusing on the stability and performance of our solution, extend the testsuite and interop with other Diameter products to ensure complete compliance with the protocol and applications. We have defined two different goals:
  • Continue work on the 1.x.y series, providing it with stability and better performance;
  • Start a 2.x.y series, where we intend to change several internal components as well as redesigning the API to make it more easy and intuitive to work with, probably also providing a high-level abstraction to the Diameter protocol to provide simple charging. This is something to be discussed among the community to understand the direction to follow
You can find the Diameter presentation here.

Regarding the other project where I participate, Mobicents JAIN SLEE, we had also an excellent year of work, with great achievements. You can read more in detail on Eduardo's post.

So, this was it. It was a blast! Counting the days for the next meeting, looking forward to see even more community users joining us!

The Greatest (Vladimir and Tom are missing :-\) -- Görüşmek üzere! (See you soon, in Turkish ;-))