Mobicents Diameter 1.4.0.BETA2 is out!

Monday, July 11, 2011 em 13:16
It's been a while since the last Mobicents Diameter release, but it's finally here, the latest and greatest! This is a special release as it is the one with the most community contribution. Thanks to all the contributors for showing the value of open-source!

- Enhanced Stability: 30+ issues regarding stack functionality were  identified and fixed, providing a more stable and usable stack;
- Improved Compliance: Better and stricter compliance to specifications, resulting in a more compatible and strict stack;
- Gq' Application Support: Another valuable 3GPP application, Gq', is now supported both in Diameter Stack and in Mobicents JAIN SLEE, with it's Resource Adaptor. Thanks to Yulian Oifa for his contribution;
 - Better Cluster Support: Improved cluster support by updating to the latest Mobicents Cluster framework and fixed replication related issues; 
 - Experimental Agent Support: Initial support for experiments with supporting RELAY, PROXY and REDIRECT agents;
 - Extended Testsuite: Over 100 new JUnit tests were added to the testsuite in order to guarantee the best compliance and continuous regression testing.

Note: This is a BETA release as there are API and deep core changes happening, but it's been thoroughly tested, with the testsuite extended to cover more than ever, including message flows for all applications both in standalone and cluster mode!

Full release notes here.

Visit Mobicents Diameter website here.