Installing Jopr/RHQ and Mobicents JAIN SLEE (or Diameter) Plugin

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 em 02:05
As it seems that some users don't find the task of installing and configuring Mobicents JAIN SLEE / Diameter Management consoles as plugins for Jopr/RHQ easy, I've decided to make a blog post explaining how to do it.

But if an image worths more than 1.000 words, how many words can a video worth? :) Hopefully, a lot, because I've just recorded one that I hope it helps to better understand how it should be done.

Still, I will point the main actions to be executed and the time they occur at the video, for faster reference.

Here it is, right from the Mobicents Channel @ Vimeo:

Installing Jopr/RHQ and Mobicents JAIN SLEE 2.x Plugin (click to watch in HD)

  1. [00:00] Download RHQ Server from and Unzip to any directory of your choice;
  2. [00:50] In a terminal, go to "rhq-server-3.0.0/bin" inside the extracted folder and run "rhq-server.[bat|sh] console", depending on your OS;
  3. [01:30] Go to and install the server (don't forget to select your database);
  4. [03:15] Login with default credentials (rhqadmin/rhqadmin), go to Downloads and Download the "Agent Installer";
  5. [04:00] In a new terminal, go to the directory where the Agent Installer was downloaded and issue the command "java -jar rhq-enterprise-agent-3.0.0.jar --install" to install it;
  6. [04:35] In the same terminal go to rhq-agent/bin (where it was installed) and run "rhq-agent.[bat|sh] --clean" (use --clean to make sure you will use a fresh configuration). Default values should be fine;
  7. [05:30] In the web interface, go to Administration > System Configuration > Plugins, click "Add" and browse to the Mobicents JAIN SLEE / Diameter Plugin location and click "Upload". When done, click "Scan for Updates";
  8. [07:45] If not yet running, start yout JAIN SLEE / Diameter Server;
  9. [09:30] In the RHQ Agent terminal, issue "plugins update" to update the agent plugins (download the JAIN SLEE / Diameter plugin to the agent);
  10. [11:10] Now that the plugins are updated, and with the JAIN SLEE / Diameter Server running, in the Agent terminal issue the "discovery" command to find new resources;
  11. [11:35] In the web interface, go to Overview > Auto Discovery Queue, locate the Server, check it and click "Import"
  12. [12:45] Still at the webpage, head to Resources > Servers. Click on the server entry to manage it. Enjoy!

Simple, isn't it ? Hope it is now.. It's time to have fun, managing and monitoring Mobicents Servers via Jopr/RHQ ;-)

For details on what you can do with these plugins, please refer to the documentation found in the binaries releases of the servers.